Associate-O-Matic WordPress Plug-In

Download Associate-O-Matic WordPress Plug-In

Version: 4.0
Last Updated: 2013-03-31
Monetize your WordPress blog today.

Integrate WordPress with your Associate-O-Matic store. Display dynamic Amazon content inside your WordPress posts automatically linked to your store pages.

You must first install your standalone Associate-O-Matic store outside of WordPress. Then you can install our Associate-O-Matic plug-in inside of WordPress so that you can add links to your WordPress posts that direct visitors to your Associate-O-Matic store.

Requires Associate-O-Matic (Full Version) v5.4.0 or later.

Here's an Example...

Installation Instructions...

Step 1.
Download the file using the Download button above.

Step 2.
Unzip the zip file contents to your local machine.

Step 3.
If your main Associate-O-Matic store script is named shop.php you can skip this step. Otherwise, if you have renamed it to something else such as index.php, open the plugin file named aom-wordpress.php in a text editor and change the $shop_file = "shop.php"; to be the actual php file name (e.g. $shop_file = "index.php";).

Step 4.
Use the WordPress Plugin Installer or Upload (FTP) the the aom-wordpress.php file to your WordPress installation directory here:  /wp-content/plugins

Step 5.
Next, log in to your WordPress admin and go to the Plugins section. The Associate-O-Matic plugin should now be listed. Click the "activate" link to enable Associate-O-Matic plugin.

Step 6.
Now go to the WordPress post you will be adding item information to.

To display simple photo, item price and description info use the following where ITEM_URL_HERE would be replaced with the actual Item URL from your store:

[aom url="ITEM_URL_HERE"]

So if the item URL in your store was:, the tag to include in your WordPress post would be:

[aom url=""]

To display marketplace offers for an item you would copy and paste the item marketplace URL into the same tag:

[aom url=""]

Advanced users with PHP programming experience can further customize the information that is displayed. To do this you would edit the Associate-O-Matic template file /aom/themes/default/wordpress_item.tpl.php.