BUG: Items with OPTIONS showing erroneous error msg

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BUG: Items with OPTIONS showing erroneous error msg

Post by littletoons » Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:15 pm

I've noticed that when there is an item say clothing that comes in several sizes from different vendors, AOM simply gives the Error Item Not Available message which is good when an item is truly NOT available anymore. However when an item has different options associated with it, this seems to be the default message.

Therefore I have modified the message as this is all I can do until the bug is looked at to simply state
This item may no longer be in stock.
You may still try adding to cart anyway or check back when replenished.
because after all it IS avail and you can still add it to your cart. No telling how many items have slipped through the crack on sales from this.

Here are some examples:
http://www.animemangatoons.com/Clothing ... e-set.html

http://www.animemangatoons.com/Fun0Nar_ ... Gifts.html
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