duplicate query string in nginx

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duplicate query string in nginx

Post by levieux » Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:26 pm


I recently installed associate o-matic on an nginx + fastcgi server.

I have the following problems. New query parameters are always added to the existing one.

For example,
First page : ?c=8479&x=Electronics
Second page : ?c=8479&x=Electronics?c=3672&x=PC_Video_Games
Third page : ?c=8479&x=Electronics?c=3672&x=PC_Video_Games?c=3672&x=PC_Video_Games

etc etc

And this is causing an issue because only the first parameters after the first ? are considered.

I don't understand what should be done to prevent this, can anyone suggest me a solution which fixed a similar problem in his server ? Which variable is considered by the software as a base url upon which it builds links?

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