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Check Out Our Fan Shops...

Post by thebuynetwork » Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:44 pm

Would love your feedback on my site:

Check Out:

This is one of many professional sports team fan sites. Our main site will be: which will link to more than 200 different fan gear websites... each with their own teams colors and featuring their team products.

Doing these types of sites take a lot more effort... its not just a matter of simple category nodes. keywords, filters etc... you need to really do some in-depth setting to get the exact results you want. last thing you want is a Red Sox cap showing up in a Yankees Fan Site. LOL So you gotta make sure you have everything in place so that only Yankees Merchandise shows up.

A couple of custom things we did...

Click on a category such as Jerseys. At the top where the pagination is... you will see the normal pagination with previous and next and page counts. Because there are more than 1300 jerseys and AOM limits us to 100 items... I created a View All Items link which actually links to the information on Amazon... passing along my associate ID. This will work for all the categories which each category linking to the correct items on Amazon. Awesome for getting that associate ID passed along.

Also if you check one of the products on the site... you will see that I added the ability to share that specific item on social media... which can only be helpful.

We hope to be on track for having all pro teams on line by end of Jan. 2016

Anyone interested in setting up their own local sport team shop... I will have done all the research and set-ups so if you would like to purchase the settings and such for a specific team... let me know.
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