Exciting AOM News!!

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Exciting AOM News!!

Post by associate-o-matic » Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:45 am

Mike (mcarp555) and I are announcing the start of a new jointly-owned company, known as AOM, Inc. to oversee all aspects of the software, including development, sales and customer support. This will mean the following immediate changes:

- A new, improved online Support ticket system, which will be able to facilitate email requests to support@associate-o-matic.com. Under the previous system, users would have to log in to create a ticket. Support requests sent by email could go unanswered for days as they didn't automatically stream back into the ticket system. Now you will be able to contact Support by either method. And your email replies will stay with your support ticket. The new system will also incorporate a help center containing FAQs and information on installing, upgrading, and so on.

- The titles of "Level 1" and "Level 2" tech support have been combined into simply the "Associate-O-Matic Help Desk". Mike will now handle all customer requests. As co-owner of the new company, he will have greater ability to respond to user needs.

- My role will be the continued development of AOM, providing it with new features and improvements. When necessary, I will interface with Mike to provide technical support for any complex user issues.

- The AOM Talk blog (http://www.aomtalk.com) and AOM Skins template site (http://www.aomskins.com) will now be official AOM sites. They and/or their content may become more integrated into associate-o-matic.com over time.

This forum should continue more or less as is, with Mike continuing to oversee all aspects as Moderator.

Mike and I both see the creation of AOM, Inc. as the next logical step in ensuring that Associate-O-Matic continues to be the preeminent online Amazon store software solution. We are extremely excited by this new direction and look forward to finding new ways to improve and promote AOM.

Thank you once again for your continued support (some of you have been with us for over a decade!).

Associate-O-Matic is changing. For the better. 8)

Please CLICK HERE for our important announcement.

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