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Associate-O-Matic (AOM for short) is a powerful, fully-featured store building application specifically tailored to Amazon Associates.

Now it's simple to add a niche store to your website or blog or to create a standalone web store.

Simple Setup   Installs in just minutes – you just need a domain name and a web host with PHP

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Generous License   No limitation on the number of times you install it or how many stores you setup

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Supports Multiple Amazon Locales   Create stores with items from US, UK, IN, CA, DE, FR, JP, IT, CN & ES locales

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Web-Based Admin Control Panel   Customize your store as much as you want with hundreds of settings

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Home Page Customization   Choose from 8 different home page customization formats

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Hundreds of Categories & Subcategories   Almost any Amazon product can be sold in your store

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Themes   Customize the entire look, feel and layout of your store with light-weight CSS themes

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Customize the Look & Feel   Admin controls allow you to easily customize colors, fonts, images & much more

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Powerful Search Features   Visitors can quickly find products and categories that interest them

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In-Depth Product Info   Photos and item attributes show your customers exactly what they're buying

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Built-In Shopping Cart   Keep visitors on your site until checkout at Amazon (Full Version)

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SEO Settings (Search Engine Optimization)  Optimize your store for improved search engine ranking

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RSS Support   Include external RSS Feeds and also enable internal RSS feeds of your store pages

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WordPress Plug-In Support   Show product info in blog posts so your readers can buy from your store

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Customer & Editorial Product Reviews   Helps your shoppers make an informed buying decision

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Built on Amazon Web Services   Real-time access to Amazon's product and pricing information

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Miscellaneous Features   Everything else not categorized above

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 Simple Setup Top
Installs in just minutes
All you need is a domain name and a web host with PHP
Runs on Linux, Unix and Windows Servers
Absolutely NO programming required
Absolutely NO database required
 Generous License Top
A single license lets you setup multiple stores, with multiple domains (using your Amazon Associate IDs)
Freedom to focus on creating your stores instead of worrying about a cumbersome license
With our Full Version (paid version), you keep 100% of any affiliate commissions/traffic from your stores.
With our Lite Version (free version), you keep 90% of any affiliate commissions/traffic from your stores.
Simple subscription plan – $99 first year, $20 per year thereafter (Full Version)
 Supports Multiple Amazon Locales Top
(United States) (United Kingdom) (India) (Canada) (Germany)

(China) (France) (Italy) (Spain) (Japan)
 Web-Based Admin Control Panel Top
User-friendly, control panel that you open in a web browser
Simple, yet powerful customization options
Customize your store as little or as much as you want with over 250 settings
Automatic backup and recovery of your saved store settings
Version checker inside Control Panel
 Home Page Customization Options Top
Choose from seven different home page customization formats.
Blended Format:  See many products across all your store categories for a particular keyword
Single Item Format:  Show a single item on your home page
Browse Node Format:  Show a specific browse node on your home page
ASIN List Format: Show up to 10 ASINs to the home page
Mall Format: Sell across any and all available categories whereas before you were required to specify a topic for your store. This option gives your homepage a category-centric view.
Custom HTML Format: Specify whatever HTML content you want to be displayed in the body
External HTML/PHP Format: Include an external HTML file or PHP script
 Hundreds of Categories & Subcategories Top

Huge selection of thousands of items, across hundreds categories and subcategories.

Below are the major categories for each locale. In addition to these categories there are hundreds more subcategories that you can create AOM stores around.  (United States)
Apparel Health & Personal Care Outdoor Living
Appliances Home & Garden Pet Supplies
Arts & Crafts Industrial & Science Photo & Camera
Automotive Jewelry Shoes
Baby Kindle eBooks Software
Beauty Kitchen Sporting Goods
Books Lawn & Garden NEW Tools & Hardware
Collectibles NEW Magazines Toys
Computers Miscellaneous VHS
DVD Mobile Apps Video On Demand (Unbox)
Electronics MP3 Downloads PC & Video Games
Gift Cards NEW Music Watches
Gourmet Food Musical Instruments Wireless
Grocery Office Products Wireless Accessories  (United Kingdom)
Apparel Home Improvement Shoes
Automotive Jewellery Software
Baby Kindle eBooks Sports & Leisure
Beauty Kitchen Tools
Books Lighting Toys
DVD MP3 Downloads VHS
Electronics Music PC & Video Games
Grocery Musical Instruments NEW Watches
Health Office Products  
Home & Garden Outdoor Living  (Canada)
Baby NEW Kitchen Sports & Outdoors
Books Lawn & Garden NEW VHS
DVD Music PC & Video Games
Electronics Pet Supplies NEW  
Kindle Store NEW Software  (Germany)
Apparel Home & Garden Photo & Camera
Automotive Jewelry Shoes
Baby Kindle eBooks Software
Beauty Kitchen Sporting Goods
Books Lighting Tools & Hardware
Computers Magazines Toys
DVD MP3 Downloads VHS
Electronics Music PC & Video Games
Foreign Books Musical Instruments Watches
Grocery Office Products  
Health Outdoor Living  (France)
Apparel Health Office Products
Baby Home Improvement NEW Shoes
Beauty Jewelry Software
Books Kitchen Sporting Goods
DVD Lighting Toys
Computers MP3 Downloads VHS
Electronics Music PC & Video Games
Foreign Books Musical Instruments Watches  (Japan)
Apparel Health Shoes
Appliances NEW Home Improvement Software
Beauty Jewelry Sporting Goods
Books Kitchen Toys
DVD MP3 Downloads VHS
Electronics Music PC & Video Games
Grocery Office Products Watches  (Italy)
Books Garden Software
DVD Kitchen Toys
Electronics Music Watches
Foreign Books Shoes Video Games  (China)
Apparel Health Software
Appliances Home & Garden Sporting Goods
Automotive Home Improvement Toys
Baby Jewelry Video
Beauty Music Video Games
Books Office Products Watches
Electronics Photography  
Grocery Shoes  (Spain)
Automotive NEW Foreign Books Software
Baby NEW Kitchen Toys
Books Music Video Games
DVD MP3 Downloads NEW Watches
Electronics Shoes NEW  
 Themes Top
Ready-made themes from AOM and other third-party developers
Template files use light-weight CSS instead of bulky HTML tables
Basic users can use the default theme without any programming required
Advanced users can create their own themes or install third-party themes to control the layout and design of any store pages (e.g. items, categorys, shopping cart, etc...)
 Control the Look & Feel Top
Customize the look & feel of your store from top to bottom
Wrap a custom header & footer HTML file around your store pages
If you already have a website, give your store the look & feel of your existing website
Over 30 ready-made color schemes you can use to easily set the colors throughout your entire store
Text logo option for those who don't have an actual logo image
Image control options within the Home, Listing and Item pages (e.g. Small, Tiny, Medium, Large)
Customizable icons and buttons throughout (you simply swap in your images)
CSS – dozens of hooks to further customize your store beyond the control panel
Option to specify an external CSS file to fine tune the look and feel of your store
 Powerful Search Features Top
Search all product categories in your store at once
Search within specific product categories
Search within results to narrow down items returned
Keyword Filtering (Searches, Subcategories, Related Categories and other links)
Control whether user keywords trump your category-level keywords or vice versa
Control how many times a recovery search attempt is made when no results are found
Unavailable items (in most cases) are now filtered from your store
Advanced search page
 In-Depth Product Information Top
Greater breadth and depth of product detail such as dimensions, weights, ratings, etc.
More product images than ever before including photos and swatches (with enlarged views)
Control which offers have preference: Amazon items, Lowest Price New, Lowest Price Used, Lowest Price Collectible or Lowest Price Refurbished
Browse up to 1000 offers per item sorted by price and whether the item is
New, Used, Refurbished or Collectible
Links to Similar Items, Accessories and related Manufacturers, Brands, Publishers and Record Labels where available
Notation next to release/publication dates telling how many days until an item is to be released or if already released whether the item was new this week or this month
Turn on/off all references to Amazon including text and buttons
 Built-In Shopping Cart   (Full Version) Top
Keep shoppers on your site until checkout at Amazon
Add, Update, Delete Items
Email notifications of cart additions and checkouts
Checkout with all items at once on Amazon
Customizable shopping cart instructions
Buy Buttons on Category/Subcategory pages as well as on Product pages
Suggestion selling options (e.g. Similar Items, Similar Viewed Items,
New Related Items, Bestselling Related Items)
 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Settings Top
mod_rewrite allows for deeper spidering of your store pages by search engines *
NoFollow option for various links sections: Breadcrumbs, Tag Clouds, etc.
Item and Category/Subcategory names can be added to your URLs
Image cloak setting to hide the Amazon image URLs in pages
Title Builder lets you control how dynamic titles are structured throughout your store
Meta Description Builder lets you control how dynamic meta tag descriptions are structured throughout your store
Meta Keywords Builder lets you control how dynamic meta tag keywords are structured throughout your store
 RSS Support Top
RSS Support
Include external RSS Feeds into your Custom Boxes and Custom Pages
Enable your own RSS Feeds, built around your store pages, that others can pull into their sites or RSS readers
Option to automatically display a small RSS icon on applicable pages to notifiy visitors of your feeds
Automatically created...
- With mod rewritten URLs simply replace the .php with .rss
- With normal URLs simply add a &rss=1 to the end of the URL
 WordPress Plug-In Support Top
WordPress Plug-In Support
Monetize your WordPress blog by pointing people to your Associate-O-Matic store
Our plug-in allows you to include product information in your WordPress blog
Direct your readers to applicable store pages so they can buy from you
You will still need to have your standalone Associate-O-Matic store installed outside of WordPress
 Customer & Editorial Product Reviews Top
Browse up customer reviews
View editorial reviews from Amazon and others
 Built on Amazon Web Services Top
Utilizes Amazon Web Services (Product Advertising API)
Connects to Amazon for realtime product information and pricing
Uses your domain name throughout the shopping experience
Final checkout happens on Amazon's site so they can fulfill the order
 Miscellaneous Features Top
Cross-browser compatible (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, etc...)
API lets you access AOM variables inside your custom scripts (Custom Boxes & Custom Pages)
Page caching for faster page loads and less network traffic
See real-time reports (via email) when someone adds to the cart or checks out from your store *
Supports third-party site traffic tracking programs
Customizable "Powered By" Link Area *
Ability to rename store (shop.php) and control panel (admin.php) file names
Unlimited AOM Categories (tabs) per each Amazon Category
Customizable Category Names/Nodes/Keywords
Create categories around ASINs of your choice
Create subcategories around Browse Nodes and ASINs of your choice
Control which items are displayed in your store be it Amazon only, third party merchants or both
Item Filtering (by Keyword in Item Title or ASIN)
Browse Node Filtering (Links throughout your site that use a node)
Control the cache from the control panel as well as automatic cache cleanup
Set the overall width and alignment of your store
Many settings to control what is and isn't displayed
Control the display order of Categories throughout your store (e.g. Tabs, Blended Search, etc.)
Control the display order of all Content Boxes (e.g. Category Box, Subcat Box, Related Cat Box, Information Links Box and Custom Content Boxes)
Product selections for Size, Color, etc, where applicable within Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Apparel
RSS – Include external RSS feeds inside your store pages *
Supports linking to existing HTML pages (i.e. contact page, company page, etc.)
Supports any custom HTML content you provide such as Rotating Ads, Featured Items, Newsletter Subscription boxes, etc.
Currency symbol and rate customizations
Custom Pages let you create your own pages inside AOM's look/feel (e.g. About us, Contact, etc.). Use Raw HTML or include an external HTML/PHP file. When an external PHP script is included, AOM variables become available to it (provides framework for custom add-ons/modules).
Custom Boxes let you add custom content to various locations of the page (Ad trackers, Traffic trackers, Newsletter boxes, and just about anything else). Use Raw HTML or include an external HTML/PHP file. When an external PHP script is included AOM variables become available to it (provides framework for custom addons/modules).
This feature is disabled in Associate-O-Matic Lite (our Free version).