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Associate-O-Matic is changing. For the better.

Please CLICK HERE for our important announcement.

Please CLICK HERE for the announcement.

Lite Version (Free)    Full Version (30-Day Trial)
  Download the trial, which functions in every way like the paid version, except that it expires after 30 days. You keep 100% of any affiliate traffic/sales during the trial.

Before the trial expires, you would move to either the Lite (free) or Full (paid) version. In either case you will not lose your saved settings.
Version:   5.6.0 TRIAL
Release Date:   2014-07-12

Did you know?
We now recommend this Affiliate Store Builder for your Amazon stores.

1. Download the appropriate ZIP file
2. Unzip the files to your hard drive
3. Follow the New Installation or Upgrade Instructions

NOTE: Every server is a little different so please email us or post to the forum if you have any problems with the installation/setup.
We will be happy to help you.

ANOTHER NOTE: Error reporting is turned off by default. If you are having problems with the installation (white screen, etc.), place an empty file in the same directory where shop.php and admin.php are found called aom_debug.txt. The presence of this file will enable on-screen error reporting so we can help you troubleshoot the problem. Just remember to delete the file once the problem is fixed so error reporting is turned back off.
Here are the requirements for Associate-O-Matic:

Amazon Associate ID
It is free to join the Amazon Associate Program. Register at the appropriate locale:  (United States)  (United Kingdom)  (India)  (Canada)  (Germany)  (China)  (France)  (Italy)  (Spain)

Amazon Access IDs   (see instructions here)
Domain Name   (we use GoDaddy, there are many others)
Web Host   (we use WestHost, there are many others)
     Operating System: Linux, Unix or Windows
     Web Server: Apache (or comparable)
     PHP 4 or PHP 5
Absolutely NO programming or database required
WordPress Plug-In
Click here to download the Associate-O-Matic WordPress Plug-In  (only works with Full version)
This file contains the graphics and text layers for our standard button set. You can edit these buttons as needed for your own stores.
This is useful in troubleshooting installation problems, etc. The presence of this temporary (empty) file will tell AOM to enable PHP on-screen error reporting.
Uses the built-in PHP function phpinfo() to display your PHP ini settings
Can be used to automatically clean your /aom/cache directory beyond what Associate-O-Matic does automatically. The benefits are that you can specify your cache size limit without slowing down your store pages (this script runs separate from your shop.php). You would make an entry to your cron file to use it. Open the file itself for instructions on how to use it.
This file contains the command needed to redirect a domain to your store - simply upload it to the directory where shop.php resides (your web host must support .htaccess files)