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 Upgrade Instructions
If you are installing Associate-O-Matic for the first time OR if you want to test this version on your server before upgrading your live store, see the New Installation Instructions.

- OR -

If you are upgrading an existing store, please follow the steps below:

1. Make a backup of your current store settings. They are found in the /aom/cfg.saved.php file. Save the file to your local hard drive for safekeeping. Backing up this file ensures that if something goes wrong, you won't lose your saved store settings.

Additionally, if you have made customizations to the /aom/themes/default .tpl files, rename your default directory and select that new theme name from the admin. That way when you upload the new default directory, you will not lose your customizations.
2. Upload these files to your server:
(overwriting any of the older files of the same name)

  • shop.php
  • admin.php
  • /aom/[all files and subdirectories]
  • /ioncube/[all files]
3. We use ionCube PHP Encoder to protect our source code. Associated files are found in the /ioncube directory.

For step-by-step instructions on what you need, open the /ioncube/loader-wizard.php in a browser.

If you have any problems related to ionCube, please more in-depth ionCube installation instructions.
4. Now that the upgraded files are on your server, it's time to open the
Associate-O-Matic Control Panel (e.g.
5. When you open the Control Panel it will pull in all your previous settings and also give you access to any new and enhanced settings which will be marked as such.

Go ahead and customize your store further by using any of these new settings making sure to save your new setting before exiting.
6. For those with mod_rewrite enabled, grab the latest set of rules here and update your .htaccess file accordingly (last updated v5.3.0). Remember not to overwrite any customizations you've made to your mod_rewrite rules.
7. Congratulations! Your store is upgraded. Open it up in a browser.

View this video for a step-by-step guide to upgrading your store (courtesy of AOM Talk Blog).