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 Quick and Easy Installation Instructions
If you are upgrading from a previous version of Associate-O-Matic or from the Trial to the Full version please read the Upgrade Instructions.

- OR -

If you are installing Associate-O-Matic for the first time, please follow the installation steps below.

If you have not already done so, please register or log in for the version of Associate-O-Matic you wish to install
(30-day Free Trial, Free Lite or Paid Full).
1. Download the .zip file to your computer (note the 30-day Trial version requires two separate downloads).
2. Unzip the file. Your computer may have a built-in unzip program - try right-clicking on the file name and see if 'Extract' or 'Extract All' appears in the popup menu. If not, free unzip programs are available online. The program files should unpack in a manner similar to this:

An 'Associate-O-Matic' folder containing:

/aom (a folder with many files and subfolders inside)
/ioncube (another folder with a few files inside)
admin.php (a file)
shop.php (another file)

There will also be a 'LICENSE.txt' file (the name will vary depending on the version).

If you see a long list of files with no folders, the unzip program made a mistake. Delete the files and try again (or contact us for assistance).
3. You will need to use an FTP program like Filezilla to upload the files to your website. Many FTP programs are free, and allow you to drag and drop files & folders from your hard drive to your website (and vice-versa). Do not upload the 'Associate-O-Matic' folder itself; only the contents as shown in step 2 above.
4. If the install was successful, you should be able to go to the admin.php file on your website (such as and create a username and password for your AOM control panel.
With a new install, the AOM control panel will open to the Getting Started tab. You will need to fill in all of the sections on this page, including:

- Site name (you can change this later)
- Amazon Associate ID (also known as a Tracking ID)
- Your Amazon AWS public and private keys - please see the Amazon section for more information
- At least one category

Click on the "Save" button when you've got it all.
Your Associate-O-Matic site should now be operational. You can view your store by pointing your browser to the shop.php file (such as

For more information on customizing your store, see our Control Panel Settings section.

If there's a problem, please see our Troubleshooting section.

NOTE: If you need further explanation on any of these steps, please view our detailed Installation Instructions.