When I've decided to make Amazon stores, I've compared several scripts to help me build these stores. Associate-O-Matic was by far the better script. It's easy to use (once you figure out how it's working), the support is great and I'm really delighted for this purchase. I've made several stores.
Diana Bajenaru, Food Supplies Store
 I've been using AOM for more than 4 years now and I love it. It is easy to setup but has a ton of features and options which allow me to customize it and fit into any design. It is very easy to optimize for the search engines which brings me buyers and revenue. Thank you AOM team.
Stefan Dimitrov, Backyard Toys
 Very easy to use... thanks for this wonderful program.
Wes Johnson, U.S. Military Recruiting
 I am often surprised at how impressed peers and customers are of my Associate-O-Matic Amazon storefront. "You have an online store? Where do you keep all the products?" AOM makes it easy to impress your clients, and all it takes is an Amazon associates ID. Setup and maintenance is a breeze, and the support is second to none. I am often hesitant to tell people how easy it is to have your very own, full-featured online store!
lunacy8m, Gadget Madness
 I installed AOM in late February of this year. My earnings for the quarter shot up over 9000% percent as compared to the same quarter last year. Yes, you read that right. That's 9000 with three zeroes!! My earnings were up over 460% just over the previous quarter. I had been so discouraged with my Amazon Associates performance that I was seriously considering dropping the program from my website. I had been earning basically nickels and dimes, but I'm now earning real dollars! While it will not yet pay the rent, thanks to AOM, I am no longer considering dropping out of the program.
Neil Strawbridge, Out Of This World
 I just wanted to say as a web-designer with very little time spare your script makes it impossibly easy for me to have an associates store. The script gives me the power to customise as little or as much as I like. I started earning within days. Worth every penny!
Mark, PSP Stuff (UK)
 The Home Theater Shack Electronics Store has turned out to be much more than I expected. Thanks for making a great program and keeping it up to date for us. Great service and support!
Sonnie Parker, Home Theater Shack
 I'm a recent convert to AOM from another Amazon Store Script. AOM is much more polished and reliable and well worth the modest cost in terms of time saved.
Tim, White Sox Gear
 I had been looking for a solution to use for an Amazon store that is robust. I think I found it in AOM. I am 1 week in on the 30 day trial and I am quite pleased. I will be a paying customer and a contributor to the forums. I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done and the continued support.
Carl Mayfield, Zone One Home Electronics
 I was introduced to the AOM script by a co-worker on a Friday. By Sunday, I had purchased the script, a domain name, a hosting account, and set up the initial web site. Within a two months, I made back my initial purchase in commissions from Amazon. I have been nothing but impressed with the product. Setup, maintenance, and customization are very easy within the admin script. The AOM Docs & Forums are informative and the AOM user community is super. I am working on customization outside the admin script and having a blast... while making money too.
Jeff St. John,
 We recently launched www. caribbean and were extremely impressed with the level at which you can customize your store as well as integrate other technologies for maximum marketing exposure. We couldn't be more pleased.
Dan Noyes, Caribbean Travel Books
 Great product! Very easy setup and integrates well into any site. Very easy to use... thanks for this wonderful program.
Tony Herman, MadisonClick
 I have been working with scripts for many years now and am just simply delighted to see such an easy, yet effective one that does so much. I am still reeling from my purchase last night. That's right...last night. Look at what I did in just a few hours...
Jay, Up My Alley
 Many thanks to Associate-O-Matic for this nice to customizable script with lots of features. Your software helped me to create a well search engine ranked shopping storefront for most relevant markets in the world. Your good forum and your fast software development, with easy to integratable updates and language support for US / UK/ DE / FR, is a great source for every webmaster to setup a global shop.
Karsten Stopp, Wireless USB Blog
 AOM I would like to say thanks for providing a great program to us so we can build our own store "site. This is great for mid level web designers as well as beginners, dont have to mess with that SQL database stuff. This program is yet simple to use and in the hands of a good web designer you can really make a cool knock out site. Theres a lot of good features to take advantage of in this program. I really dig this program, I'm really glad there's a program out there that can make my store front a real reality.
Mark Ellis, DnD Game Shop
 This software is amazing. I have always wanted to get into online store business and now I can with ease. I have already deployed six stores and plan on having may more. Associate-O-Matic makes life simple. They have excellent support and update their product to make it better for us users all the time.
Joseph Hannigan, Bargain Market
 Excellent software, worth every penny! The best part is it can only get better. The software has all the features I was looking for saving me a lot of time and money. It saved me from hiring a programmer which would have cost more and might not even come close to doing such a good job.
 Though I have what it takes to create an online shopping site myself, I decide to use your script so I can concentrate on as I am doing it alone. Guess what!? the site I used the script on has already been earning quite a few hundred dollars per day and thanks to your script! It simply just works and works great!
Glenn Prialde, All Women Central
 This software is very easy to use and completely flexible. It's possible to build a great looking site with little or no knowlege of HTML or PHP. I have built Amazon Associate sites using other software in the past and this is the most full featured and easiest to use by a huge margin. Thank you also for your fast and professional support.
 Your software is so nice. my online store is now like an independent barbie store. and not like amazon associate.
Panji Dwi Prasetyo,
 Excusive Feature is a complete online shopping portal designed and created using the total flexibility of Associate-O-Matic, and as you can see the possibilities are incredible... If you want to profit from your own Amazon portal then AOM is for you, there just isn't anything else that comes close to AOM!
Will, Exclusive Feature
 This software is Awesome! Easy to integrate, professional front-end, and powerful back-end application. We started making revenue immediately! Thank you for a powerful program. The support is prompt and professional. We highly recommend this team.
Andrew Doan, MD, PHD, MedRounds Publications, Inc.
 Associate-O-Matic website is the coolest webbuilder, I have ever come across. It took only a few minutes for me to complete my website. I wish if the world is as simple as making a website using Associate-O-Matic tool. Thanks for this cool tool.
 After customizing it over the last couple of days and building an attractive Amazon affiliate store, I was sufficiently convinced to purchase it. Associate-O-Matic has already saved me countless hours of work. That alone was worth the purchase. But add to that the limitless possible customizations and I would have to say that this software is actually underpriced. It is amazing.
Nuno Andrade, Best Plasma Television
 I just wanted to let you all know that the Associate-O-Matic script is by far the best Amazon affiliate script out on the market today. The developers have done a super job with this. Keep up the good work.
Marc Cohem, DVD Review Group
 The Associate-O-Matic script is an awesome product. The best Amazon affiliate script I could find on the market today. Easy to setup, flexible and pack with lots of features.
Steve Looi,
 I've tried using $70 a month ecommerce software and other scripts for my ecommerce websites in the past. I never had enough success with any of them to make it worth the investment of time and money until I found your script. It's easy to install, easy to use, and no problems. Within a couple days of changing from my previous ecommerce software to yours my sales increased, and customers have said it is easier to navigate, and I love the SEO features offered by the software.
Brad, Super GPS Store
 A truly brilliant piece of software. With this program anyone can set up a online shop within minutes. With a little bit of programming skills, you could even customize your shop with a unique store front. Excellent customer service. Keep up the good work
Boby Jacob, 24/7 Online Shopping
 I just wanted to tell you that I'm very impressed with how powerful Associate-O-Matic is... I was able to create an Amazon store in a couple of days of working part-time. Actually, most of this time was spent creating the graphics and playing around with the layouts. AOM makes it so easy! Great job, and keep up the good work!
Fernando Salam, Gourmet Kitchen Center
 Associate-O-Matic is great for Featured Systems because it allows me to concentrate on blogging rather than managing products.
Clay Cazier, Featured Systems
 I just wanted to say how glad we are to have your software to be a major part of our The products have been part of our site for about 30 days now and the sales have been great. Last month we hit the highest commission tier Amazon has with over 200 sales. This month we expect to do MUCH BETTER. The ease of implementation was amazing. My 12 year old son could do it. After purchase, we were up and running the very next day with a complete site including shopping cart! You can see how we did here It was a big step for us to include your script in a web site already getting a tremendous amount of traffic. We were worried about duplicate content and supplemental results. Thanks to the way the script is modifiable, this has not been the case and we were seeing some great rankings for all our new shopping pages. Thanks again.
Brock Bourne, We Do It All Vegas
 I have worked in the affiliate marketing business over 6 years. During my time in the industry, I have created and maintained over 200 affiliate marketing websites bringing in a net worth of over 2 million dollars per year in sales. I have grown to appreciate the finer details of what makes an affiliate software solution work. I can candidly say that Associate-O-Matic is one of the first out of the box all-in-one marketing solutions that yields positive results. You can easily spend upwards to a 100,000+ in development costs to receive similar results. If you are an experienced affiliate guru, or just getting started in the business, Associate-O-Matic is definitely worth your time and investment.
Jake, Professional Tool Store
 This script is so easy to use and customize. I've tried many scripts out there, and this is simply the best. I had my site up and running in only a few minutes, without hassle. The support staff is also excellent in answering any concerns I had.
dillenger, DVD Pulse
 I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your script. This is the easiest script installation I've ever done and it actually worked as advertised! Wow!!! Thanks for the great quality product.
Eric Dunaway, Karate Store
 Associate-O-Matic is Fantastic! Although I have good grasp of PHP and HTML, I was looking for a script that was plug and play so I could focus my time writing content for my site. Associate-O-Matic was just what I was looking for. Adding a bookstore to my existing site,, was a snap! Thanks and keep up the good work.
Mark (aka ADHD Dad), Life With ADHD
 Associate-o-matic is the most user friendly program I've ever run across and I'm so happy that I found it! The set up is quick and extremely easy. Customizing the appearance and product choices from the admin panel is easy with the built in instructions. Within an hour of installation I had a fully functional online store that looks custom made for my site! Thank you associate-o-matic!
Sara Ellis, My Online Nursing Degree
 Love your associate-o-matic, just trying the free version and will upgrade as soon as I have tweaked it to my liking. Best associate program yet and excellent share scheme for the free version.
Pat Davies, Shadow Sounds
 I think that this program is great! I love the program and find it easy to use and a great second income.
Vickie Rousey, Native Earth Organics
 Your software works and feels great. The initial setup to live time took only a few hours, but with great looking, professional results! I cannot imagine how an out of the box program can do highly customized and intended personalized results in just a fraction of time it would take for other comparable programs! I have had my share of wasted hundreds of manhours in PHP programming and scripts only to end up with disappointment and failure. Not with Associate-O-Matic. Keep it up and more power!
Gian, Autism Books
 Associate-O-Matic is a great script. Setup was a breeze. Just add your affiliate-ID, configure your shop categories and your ready to go. Doesn't get any easier than this. The admin panel provided is organized well and each section has plenty of documentation to help new users. If you're looking to host your own affiliate store I highly recommend this product.
Darren Hester, Pixel Perfect Digital
 I purchased the Associate-O-Matic store script about two months ago. My return on investment was immediate. I can happily report that I have since generated enough Amazon revenue that I paid off the software and my web hosting and now I generate positive revenue. I am extremely impressed how easy it is to use. It does not require any skills as a web designer, but if you do have the basics you can make your site that much more successful. I see myself staying an Associate-O-Matic Customer for a very long time. Thank you.
Cosmin Tomescu,
 I have installed your software on two of my sites and I love it! L O V E I T! I have never worked with an admin panel that has as many functions as the AOM admin. You can customize almost anything. What few questions I had (one involved SEO) I found the answers for on the forum. Thanks for the excellent software.
Paul Thurst, Cup of Java
 I just wanted to tell you that I love your script. I really really love it. The best script for Amazon out there. Easy to install, simple to set up and works like a charm. The best money I have spent in years.
Angela, American Idol Super Store
 For years we have been looking for user friendly affiliate software program to build our Pro-Golf store. After struggling with various programs and custom programming, we finally went with "Associate-O-Matic". It is super-easy to use. We can customize and add products in minutes. Not only is it easy for us to manage the products, it is also easy for our customers to navigate the site. Overall, we are very pleased with Associate-O-Matic. Good Job
Pat, Pro-Golf
 The Arcadians Cricket Club are a small local team in Gloucestershire but have benefited from this terrific application. Already the club has seen a building of commissions. This is money that the club would otherwise not have received. Well done on a great and novel product.
Paul Franklin, Arcadians Cricket Club
 Just wanted to say thanks for making such a great and easy to use script - I am very impressed!
Doug, Bizarre Video Games
 Absolutely a great product! I downloaded the trial on Friday and was so impressed with my first attempt I came back on Saturday night to buy the licensed version.
Bill Swartwout, Gourmet Kitchen Appliances
 AOM is a fantastic tool! Easy to use, flexible, and just plain fun! Thanks for a wonderful product!
Chris York, Art Instruction Books
 Thank you very much for this great product! I had my website up and running very quickly. I tried programming my own website and it was too time consuming and difficult. Using Associate-o-matic, I had a nice looking website in only a few minutes. Thanks!
Nate Skousen, One Stop GPS
 Without Associate-O-Matic nothing would have happened to my web-store plans. Associate-O-Matic make my stores profitable and every update makes it easier to run. I had tested other scripts before, but Associate-O-Matic is the best. Associate-O-Matic make my stores Automatic.
Golf for Junior, Gunnar
 I tried the free version and I was so impressed that I upgraded as quick as possible to the premium version! The design of your script is very impressive, the fact that it does not require a database makes installation so simple and easy.
Simon Cruise, Your Game Shop
 Thank you so much for that great software. I am not that computer enthusiastic but even for me it was no problem to install this great shop. It is just easy to handle. Congratulations!
Thomas Hartmann, LCD TV 42
 Thanks for the good script for my website. Simple and easy to use.
Chris Goh, Wine Making Books