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Read before posting in this section

Post by mcarp555 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:47 am

Please note that this area of the forum is for AOM users to discuss better methods of utilizing SEO, sharing tips on how to market their sites better, and dealing with search engines.

It is not for promoting your SEO marketing site, however wonderful it is. These posts have a definite SPAM-my smell to them. Any posts in this area that I determine to be in this latter category will be deleted within hours of posting, if not sooner. The user account will often also be deleted. Persistent cases may result in the banning of usernames and/or IP addresses.

No prior warning will be given before deletion. Anyone who feels their post/account was removed unjustly is free to contact me and plead their case.

** Addendum ** We're starting to get an influx of 'essay writing services' attached to posts. Accounts who want to advertise these services, either in sigs or in posts will now be deleted without prior warning. In addition, popular threads (usually old ones with a lot of responses) that seem to attract these posters will now be locked as the need arises.
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