Some improvements

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Some improvements

Post by IcEDFiRE » Wed May 08, 2013 11:22 pm

1. Remove 100 items limit on ASIN List
2. Use of Database (can be optional) so that products are stored in a DB and their description altered.
3. Use of a word spinner so that product information is altered
4. Better filtering (Google sees certain products as mature content, even if they are just books) it would help to be able to somehow filter these out. aStore has this feature.
5. More themes out-of-the-box.
6. Re-write rules for nginx or lighttpd as some hosting providers are shifting to these servers.
7. lower resource consumption (I had to buy a VPS since no hosting provider will allow me to host my site due to high CPU usage.)
8. Ability to block certain search engines.
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