Associate-O-Matic v3.0.1 released

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Associate-O-Matic v3.0.1 released

Post by associate-o-matic » Mon Oct 02, 2006 8:52 pm

This release fixes a few bugs that surfaced in v3.0:

• Bug Fix: UK double pound next to price
• Bug Fix: Cookie check was expiring in certain circumstances before it could complete
• Bug Fix: XML Parser Errors
- In the Admin certain HTML entities/characters weren't encoding properly
- In the store certain HTML entities/characters weren't encoding properly
• Bug Fix: In the CP when Merchant selected was Other, it wasn't sticking

As always, a big thanks goes out to all those who emailed us or posted to the forum.

Let us know how it goes with these fixes.

Thank you,
Associate-O-Matic is changing. For the better. 8)

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