Associate-O-Matic v2.4 released

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Associate-O-Matic v2.4 released

Post by associate-o-matic » Sat May 21, 2005 8:40 pm

We're pleased to announce the release of Associate-O-Matic v2.4.

This software release is free to those who have purchased an Associate-O-Matic v2.x license. It includes many new improvements and a few minor bug fixes:

Here is what's new in this release:

• Support for and
• Category Default Keywords - allow you to fine tune results beyond the Site Default Keyword
• Customize the start Browse Node for each Category (where specified they override the default nodes)
• Control the display order of Categories throughout your store (e.g. Tabs, Blended Search Results, etc.)
• Control the display order of all Content Boxes (e.g. Category Box, Subcat Box, Related Cat Box, Information Links Box and Custom Content Boxes)
• Image control options within the Home, Listing and Item pages (e.g. Small, Medium, Large options)
• More Custom Content Boxes added
• Two new Categories added for Pet Supplies and Musical Instruments
• Option to specify an external CSS file to fine tune the look and feel of your store beyond the Control Panel
• Product selections for Size, Color, etc, where applicable within Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Apparel
• Dozens of new product attributes added to Computers, Electronics, Jewelry and others categories
• Various other improvements and bug fixes

See the full v2.x feature list...

If you're new to Associate-O-Matic, you can buy a v2.x license here:

Thank you for your continued support!

Associate-O-Matic is changing. For the better. 8)

Please CLICK HERE for our important announcement.

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