Associate-O-Matic v2.6 released

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Associate-O-Matic v2.6 released

Post by associate-o-matic » Sat Nov 26, 2005 9:03 am

We're pleased to announce the release of Associate-O-Matic v2.6. We highly recommend all users of the Full, Lite and Demo versions upgrade today.

This software release is free to those who have purchased an Associate-O-Matic v2.x license. It includes numerous improvements and a few bug fixes:

Here is what's new in this release:

• Control Panel: Dynamic Meta Description settings (similar to the current Title builder settings)
• Control Panel: Dynamic Meta Keywords settings (similar to the current Title builder settings)
• Control Panel: Currency exchange rate settings
• Control Panel: SDK (Site Default Keyword) override at Category level. In previous versions, if the CLK (Category-Level Keyword) was blank, it would use the SDK (if any). Now you can specify an SDK and also tell a Category to not use it which can be useful in certain situations for fine-tuning search results.
• Control Panel: Set the width and aligment of your store within the browser window
• Control Panel: New location options for Custom Content Boxes (e.g. L=Left, R=Right, PT=Page Top, PB=Page Bottom, BT=Body Top, BB=Body Bottom)
• Bug Fix: Temporary workaround for the Wireless items with-a-phone-plan issue. Because these items cannot be added to the remote AOM shopping cart, we are pointing all wireless items directly to Amazon (even when the shopping cart is enabled) so that you still earn commissions on them. Phones and accessories qualify for a referral fees while service plans do not.
• Bug Fix: A few fixes and improvements related to how the AOM remote cart emails are sent.
• Bug Fix: We've made some tweaks in relation the behind the scenes of how the AOM built-in cart functions. Namely, the cookies are now much more explicityly defined and take into account the locale of your store. This should help with some of the "crossed wires" causing items not to add.
• Various other improvements/fixes

See the full v2.x feature list...

If you're new to Associate-O-Matic, you can buy a v2.x license here:

Once again, thank you all for your continued support!

Associate-O-Matic is changing. For the better. 8)

Please CLICK HERE for our important announcement.

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