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Are you having trouble installing ionCube?

Please see our ionCube documentation for more information.


Are you seeing a blank white screen while running shop.php or admin.php or errors on screen?

The blank screen means PHP has thrown an error. To see the error message on screen, place an empty text file called aom_debug.txt in the same location as shop.php. The presence of this file turns on error reporting for both your shop.php and admin.php files.

If you are unable to fix the error displayed, please send us the following:

1. The error message(s) you are seeing
2. Your version of PHP (4 or 5)
3. A screenshot if applicable
4. Also download and attach your saved settings file /aom/cfg.saved.php to the email

Submit these items to our AOM Support Team.


Are you seeing 404 errors for certain links under Mod Rewrite (SEO)?

Please send us the following:

1. Sample links from your store where you are seeing the errors
2. The Mod Rewrite RULE SET # you are using

Submit these items to our AOM Support Team.


For any other issues, please open a ticket so our support team may assist you.