Associate-O-Matic v5 Documentation   Last Updated: 2013-11-26
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Languages and Locales

Associate-O-Matic currently supports the following locales:  (United States)  (United Kingdom)  (India)  (Canada)  (Germany)  (China)  (France)  (Italy)  (Spain)  (Japan)

View the categories available under each of the Amazon locales above.

Customizing Text

In v5 we introduced new configuration files for each language in the /aom/lang directory.

These files contain all the text displayed inside of Associate-O-Matic. You can customize any of this text.

Each of these text strings can contain different text and/or HTML and even include image references should you choose (e.g. <img src="/path/to/image.gif">).

Keep in mind that with each new release of Associate-O-Matic, you will need to move your changes to the new lang files. This is because we add new text with each release.

Also note that any special characters must be UTF-8 encoded to display properly in your store.