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Control Panel - Categories
This is where you define the categories of your store.

Categories INSTRUCTIONS: This is where you setup your store categories.

Category ID:
Enter your own unique Category ID (e.g. books, 123, etc.)

Enter the Names for each

Amazon Category:
There are 5 types of categories to choose from...
  • Regular Category: This is a category based on an Amazon category such as Books, DVD, etc.
  • Blended Category: This is a category based on a specific keyword which will give results across multiple Amazon Categories.
  • ASIN List Category: This is a category based on a ASINs (items) of your choice (comma separated in Keyword box).
  • ASIN File Category: This is a category based on a ASINs (items) of your choice (comma separated inside a separate file) where the file name is entered in the Keyword box.
  • URL Category: This is a category that simply points to any URL you specify which would be entered in the Keyword box

Browse Node:
Leave the default Browse Node (Amazon Category ID) or enter a different one (must be associated with Amazon Category selected). Tip: You can also enter multiple browse nodes separated by commas (e.g. 111,222) for a unique blend of items. Note: To find Amazon browse nodes visit our sister website:

Site Default Keyword (SDK):
Check/uncheck box if you want this category to use the SDK (if specified)

Optionally, specify a default Keyword to fine-tune results at category level. Or if you selected ASIN LIST as the Category type, enter specific ASINs to be displayed.

Item Type (I):
This setting controls the types of Items that will be featured on Category, Subcategory and Item pages. Note If set to a type other than All, fewer items will be availabe in your store. A=All, N=New, U=Used, C=Collectible, R=Refurbished

Tab (T):
Check/uncheck box if you want this category displayed as a Tab

Menu (M):
Check/uncheck box if you want this category displayed in the search drop down Menu

Box (B):
Check/uncheck box if you want this category displayed in the Category box

Subcategories (S):
Check/uncheck box if you want Subcategories displayed in this Category

Display Order:
Reorder categories by clicking and holding the icon at the far left and dragging the category up or down to the desired position.

• To add categories enter the number you want to add below and click the Go button. To delete a category, clear out the Name and click Save All Settings

• Browse Nodes in blue are using the default Browse Node. Browse Nodes in Grey are using something other than the current default Browse Node (which is OK so long as it is part of the Amazon category selected). To get back to the original default Browse Node for a category, simply delete the node and leave the field. It will go back to the default.

• All applicable related categories and subcategories are automatically displayed inside the associated Related Category and Subcategory Boxes if you choose to display them.
Category Box
Browsable list of categories you configured above. To not display this box set Display equal to No. For Location: L=Left, R=Right
Category Descriptions If provided, this description will be displayed at the top of the first page for that Category. Note: Available for all but the URL category type. To delete a description, remove the text/HTML and resave.
Category Prices Optionally define minimum and maximum prices at Category level (e.g. 24.99). No currency signs or commas. Overrides Minimum Price and Maximum Price settings in Merchant section for categories where they are defined. Leave blank to display all prices. Note: Not available for the ASIN List, ASIN File, Blended or URL category types. To delete prices, remove them and resave.
Category Minimum Percentage Off Optionally define a minimum percentage off for items at Category level (e.g. 25). No percent sign or decimals. Note: Not available for the ASIN List, ASIN File, Blended or URL category types. To delete, remove the value and resave.
Category Sort Set the default sort for each of your store categories.
Category Types Optional. This allows you to fine-tune your Categories. Not all options are available for all Amazon category types. Note: The associated Category must have a keyword defined above.
Category Icons
Whether or not to display the small category icons on category pages. The icon files must be named 'icon_{Your Category ID}.gif' to appear properly.
Category Item Randomizer Randomizes the order of the 10 items displayed on Category and Subcategory pages. Note: The same 10 items are displayed whether set to On or Off.