Associate-O-Matic v5 Documentation   Last Updated: 2013-11-26
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Control Panel - Advanced Settings
Various advanced settings which generally don't need changed

Amazon Time Offset This allows you to adjust your server connection timestamp forward or backward. Add minutes (e.g. 20) or subtract minutes (e.g. -150). Note: Leave set at zero unless you are seeing errors that your server time is before or after Amazon server time.
Amazon Connection Method This controls how data is pulled from Amazon servers and should not be changed unless you are directed to do so by our support team or you are not able to connect to Amazon and get errors to this effect. Almost always you will want to use Automatic Connection Detection.


[RECOMMENDED]  Automatic Connection Detection
[FAST]  REST (file) - Requires allow_url_fopen enabled (php.ini)
[FAST]  REST (curl) - Requires CURL (installed by your web host)
Amazon Commission Splitter If you want to split your commissions between different Amazon Associate IDs, enter these IDs below and the percentage of time each will be used. Note: This ID is country-specific (e.g. an ID for the US will not give you credit in a UK store).
Backups This is the number of backups to keep of your store settings (/aom/cfg.saved.php).
HTTP Proxy Optional. If you are using an HTTP Proxy enter the IP address here. Note: You must select the Amazon Connection Method of REST (curl).
Debugger When set to On, onscreen server error reporting is enabled. Should be used for troubleshooting purposes only while setting up your store. Once your store is live, this should be set to Off.